Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Modern lifestyle has brought with it many risks and issues. Life insurance companies realize that every person wants to feel safe. To protect yourself and your family, there are many types of insurance packages that certainly offers safety when an unexpected incident happens. In such cases, you or your family will get the help you need from the insurance company.

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Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is generally of four types:

  1. Ensuring protection – It is to ensure that the family covers in case of death, permanent disability degree or in the case of serious illness.
  2. Insurance protection and savings – This insurance must mention that at the end of the contract period the money may be raised in full or paid as a pension if the insured event did not occur.
  3. Insurance and pension saving.
  4. Insurance for your children’s future – This insurance policy makes sure your child has available capital after the age of 18. You can give money in the form of rent studies, equip or to start & develop a business.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Insurance

There are many advantages and disadvantages of life insurance policies that are described below.

Advantages of Life Insurance

As a means of protecting the person, life insurance creates additional income for a time by providing capital or pension. In addition, life insurance policy holder gets support when he needs financial support may be after an accident.

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As a means of protecting the family, life insurance pays compensatory income earner in terms of financial loss, maintaining a normal standard of living of their loved ones. In addition, life insurance policy gives the possibility of being sold, liquidated financial debt (bank loans) avoiding leaving the family in debt.

The advantages of life insurance policy are listed below.

  1. Protection of your family: Protection issues in the life insurance are much more important in the early years of the family when the expenses are higher while saving expenses later become urgent to provide protection for children, retirement or other purposes;
  2. Financial independence of children at study or marriage: Ensuring in the case of study or marriage is conceived as a way of dowry gradual establishment of a child until he reaches the age. Equip insurance usually provides freedom of choice at the end of the contract, how the child will benefit from the savings. That marriage equip, rent studies, purchase of goods or starting a business. In some cases, a single policy can be concluded that ensures equip both a marriage and payment of sums in regular intervals;
  3. Maintaining lifestyle, more peaceful and secure life.

Disadvantages of Life Insurance

Traditional life insurance is insurance that provides customers with considerable safeguards, usually a guaranteed fixed benefit in case of death or maturity. The insurer must pay these guarantees regardless of the costs they involve and take all appropriate measures to remain solvent, out of respect for the client or as legal require.

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The disadvantages of life insurance are as follows.

  1. Depending on the desired type of insurance premium may be quite large;
  2. The company may go bankrupt before they insure, see if the insurance company is insured for bankruptcy and to what amount you are guaranteed money.

As a means of protecting the person, life insurance creates additional income for a time, by providing capital or pension. In addition, life insurance policyholder support comes when he, after an accident, needs financial support.

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