Top 5 Dental Insurance Companies With No Waiting Period

Dental insurance is a form of health insurance that pays a part of the costs that are associated with dental care, both emergency and preventative.  There are several medical conditions that have been associated with poor dental health. Regular check ups could help prevent heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. There are three primary categories of dental insurance: indemnity, preferred provide network or PPO and dental health managed organizations or DHMO. Some dental plans will require a waiting period however, there are still some that do not require  a wait period.

Here is a list of the top 5 dental insurance with no waiting period.

AARP Exclusive Dental Insurance Plan

The AARP dental coverage is administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company. This insurance is guaranteed for members of AARP and the premiums are guaranteed for two years. There are two separate plan options; one for families and one for individuals. With this plan there is no waiting period on preventative services. After enrolled for one year with a plan from AARP, major services such as dental implants and root canals are covered.

CapDent Plus

This is a true point-of-service dental plan offering plans that are reasonably priced with low co-pays. Those with CapDent Plus insurance must use a dentist that is within their network. It will cover diagnostic and preventative services with no deductibles or maximums. There are no waiting periods for treatments that are completed in-network. If a patient chooses a dentist that is not in network, they can be reimbursed  in part depending on the schedule of benefits.

OMNI Dental Plan

Members of the OMNI plan have a small deductible for major services; deductibles are not applicable for preventative and diagnostic services.  This plan will cover all preventative, diagnostic and restorative dental work. This will also include root canals and oral surgeries. General cleanings and x-rays are covered under preventative care. Orthodontic services are available at a reduced fee but only through orthodontists who participate in the plan.

Spirit Dental and Vision

This plan allows the person to pick there own dentist. There are no wait periods on preventative and diagnostic services and a person is guaranteed to be accepted. Major services are also covered, these include, but are not limited to, implants, oral surgeries, crowns, and root canals. Spirit dental allows for three cleanings per year with no out of pocket expenses.

MetLife Dental Insurance

MetLife offers an affordable plan that covers all preventative and diagnostic services with no wait period. Restorative services such as implants, root canals and other higher cost services are also covered with a co-pay.

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